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Options for Dog Training in Kansas City at Collar Club

Petiquette Series

The Petiquette Series is a multi-class course starting on basic obedience, forming a foundation, strengthening the commands and then using those commands in public obedience. (Scroll down to learn more)

Board and Train

Have your pet learn some fun new things while you’re away. Our trainer will work with your pet while they stay, focusing on goals you would like for your pet to achieve in obedience. Two follow-up lesson with you will follow the boarding stay to make sure you’re up to speed with your furry friends new tricks. Price of boarding not included.

Daycare and Train

This program offers your pet a full day of play & interaction with some one-on-one obedience training during the middle of the day. It’s a great way to teach your furry friend better manners and work on socialization as well. Programs run with two lessons per week along with a one on one lesson with you mid week. Price of daycare individual day or subscriptions not included.

Private Lessons

Private in-home lessons bring the training to you. They give you the ability to have a trainer see your pet in the places they are most comfortable and focus on the things they need at home.

Meet the Trainer

Our training program is led by head trainer Jessica Belcher.

Jessica has been in the pet industry for more than 15 years, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to The Collar Club training program.

During her time in the pet industry, she has completed an in-depth two year apprenticeship on canine behavior and obedience, been accepted as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and is Professional member of IACP. In addition to her dog training experience, Jessica also specializes in teaching canine CPR and first aid.

Jessica has three dogs at home, her two Australian Cattle Dogs, Aspen and Diggity who are often by her side, and Riley her senior Jack Russell. When she isn’t spending time outside with her pups, she is often found teaching Aspen or Diggity a new trick or snuggling with Riley at home. Jessica is always looking to build upon her expertise and learn new ways to further her ability to improve the lives of all dogs she works with.

Group Training

Petiquette Bronze

This is a beginner level group training class that focuses on basic obedience and forming a foundation of training for your pet. This six-week class is suitable for dogs of all ages and will help you solidify basic commands, such as sit, down, place and come. Classes can aid in strengthening your relationship with your furry friend.

Petiquette Silver

This is an intermediate level group training class. This six-week class is the next step in your training journey! This course will strengthen the commands your pet has already learned by adding an extra level of distraction. This class focuses on bringing basic commands into the real world and challenges your pet.

Petiquette Gold

This is an advanced level group training class that focuses on public obedience and bringing your dog into new environments. This six-week class will bring you to a new location across the city each week, where you will meet for class and implement proper etiquette and training techniques in public. This class is perfect for those looking for a polite but social pet while in public.

Tricks Tuesday

Tricks class is a perfect way to add fun to your daily training routine once you’ve completed basic obedience. The class focuses on fun tricks such as roll over, spin, jumping through hoops, shake and crawl. It’s an interactive and fun way to not only get your dog ready for the next family get together but also focuses on strengthening engagement with your pet on a purely fun level.

CGC | AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

This is a six week course where you spend the first five weeks preparing for test day. This is a fantastic class for those who have dogs that are nearly ready for the test but may need a little practice prior. Test date is held on the final date of class and will be Evaluated by an AKC evaluator.

AKC Community Canine(CGCA) and AKC Urban Canine(CGCU)

These are held as single testing dates and require your dog to have completed AKC CGC first. The goal of the CGCA and CGCU is to test your dog's skills in a more natural setting as opposed to a classroom or show ring.

Sunday Seminar

The Sunday Seminar program is built as a refresher course for those who need help in a more specific area. The classes will be held for one hour on Sundays and focus on one training area per class such as place, leash walking, recall, sit and down. Class attendance does not require any prior training or classes.

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After losing two of the best dachshunds in the world, I made the leap to two wonderful Golden Retrievers. I knew I would need help navigating the world of active large breed dogs, and Jess has been there every step of the way to help me navigate through this change. I have two well-mannered dogs, thanks to the training Jess has provided and continues to provide us. Not only does she have a special way with dogs - she has the same with their humans. I trust Jess completely with my boys which is huge. She truly is a dog-whisperer in the kindest and gentlest way. She's simply one of the best!

– Patrice (Champ & Scout's Human)


My dog has truly grown in the short time I’ve been attending classes at The Collar Club. I love going to class and love spending time training at home with skills learned from class. I’ve been to other dog training classes but this is by far the best I’ve been a part of. I’ll continue taking classes as much as possible.

– Amy (Steve's Human)


We have a one year old Aussiedoodle who we have been bringing to the Collar Club regularly since July. The best thing we did for her was enroll her in the dog training classes offered by Jessica Belcher. Jessica is a very knowledgeable, kind and dedicated professional. Our dog thrived under her expert tutelage. We did the bronze and silver classes. In addition to the classes, Jessica was always willing and able to answer our questions and concerns we had about dog care and behavior.

– Ron and Nancy (Neena’s Human’s)